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24-year-old Russian marries her briefcase, names it Gideon

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Russia: A woman who states she is romantically pulled to things has cleared up about wedding a briefcase – and tells her new “hubby” is the love of her life.

Rain Gordon told she has always held captivated by things, and this ultimately evolved into a passionate and sexual appeal.

She tied the knot with the briefcase, who she named Gideon, in a function in June this year, umpired by a pal.

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The 24-year-old stated that however, she has had relations with guys in the past, she was eternally more attracted to objects than to persons, and she was continually more comfortable in her relations with things.

The young woman initially matched her “future husband” behind in August 2015 later buying him at a housewares store as a prop for a photoshoot.
She told that as time moved on she held herself falling in love with the case.

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Nursery school educator Rain told their relation shifted official a few months succeeding in November 2015, and the rest is past – with the pair eventually tying the knot in June this year.

Rain, from Moscow, Russia stated: “My attraction with objects began at the age of 8. Of my childhood, I considered that a soul is embedded in things, as well as everything surronding us. I believe in animism, which suggests that there is life in everything.

“Throughout my childhood and early youthful years, I fell in love with sites such as the new shopping mall that inaugurated in my city. I understood that it was wrong and surpassing the standards of civilisation. I didn’t tell anyone.”

Conversing about the briefcase, she replied: “I had no thought that we would finish up together. I cherished how he appeared, but I didn’t imagine anything besides.

“But then I began desiring Gideon for more innumerable than that. I gradually realised I was starting to fall in love.

“I’d crave to look at him for hours and sense his nearness. After another few months in November, the relation began.

“We shared our first hug and kiss, and we stayed more time unitedly in the evenings and nights. We could have thoughtful conversations for three or four hours.

“Our pure connection and conversation is given telepathically. I understand him, and he hears me, but of the outside, it seems like a monologue. Gideon is more than just a companion to me. He is a husband, a friend and a guide. His pure assistance helps me more than anyone else. Sometimes I sense as Gideon understands me more than I do.”

Rain added that despite branching out into a new relation with a man in 2017 – while still in a tie with Gideon – but said she could not equate with him in the same way, and would eventually choose Gideon over different man.

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