Saturday, November 27, 2021

Israel’s military tests new tech that makes soldiers go virtually ‘invisible’

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Israel’s product manufacturing company Polaris Solutions has released a redesigned camouflage net that, according to its soldiers, could make it virtually ‘undetectable’.

The Kit 300 skin, developed in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is made of TVC material that combines thermal visual concealment (micro visual concealment (TVC)) to make it easier for the human eye and thermal cameras to to see the soldiers.

The camouflage plate weighs only 1.1 kilograms and can be rolled up and carried by soldiers who may be traversing dangerous war zones. In addition, the lightweight sheet is sturdy enough to carry more than 500 pounds.

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What’s more, the Kit 300 is double – sided and boasts one side that can be used in forests and the other in deserts. The sheets can also be used to twist the body and be used as a barrier that looks like a rock, making it difficult to distinguish.

“Someone staring at them from a distance with binoculars will not see soldiers,” said a British reporter Gal Harari, head of the research and development department of the research and development department.

Yonatan Pinkas, director of marketing at Polaris Solutions, told The Media Line: ‘Camouflage nets have not changed too much in the last 50 years,’ he said: ‘We wanted to bring in a new kind of material. TVC was therefore born. ”

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“Kit 300 can carry up to £ 500, can be used as a splint and a hypothermic blanket,” Pinkas said.

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