Sunday, February 5, 2023


Israel, Ukraine talks air defence systems after drone strikes

Officials from Ukraine and Israel talked about Ukraine's request for Israel to help with air defence

Blast near Damascus kills 18 Syrian Soldiers

Syrian state media say that a bomb went off on a military bus near Damascus, killing at least 18 soldiers and hurting 27 more.

Israeli soldier shot and killed near West Bank

In the second similar assault on military forces in recent days, an Israeli soldier was shot and killed close to an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank

Crown Prince of Saudi arabia Mohammed Bin Salman named Prime Minister of country

The strong Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has been named prime minister, a position usually held by the king.

US relaxes internet sanctions in Iran to support potestors

The Joe Biden administration has granted permission to lift sanctions on internet services in Iran to support protestors.

Special night trains planned for people coming to honour the Queen

Transport officials have confirmed that additional rail services would be available for those making the trip to London to honour the Queen

Qatar deports migrant workers for wage protest

In an effort to get ready for the next football World Cup in November, Qatar has deported migrant employees who protested not being paid their pay. On August 14, at least 60 employees protested in front of the Al...

Iraq shrine collapse: 7 dead bodies pulled from rubble after landslide

Rescuers looking for people who might still be alive after part of a Shia Muslim shrine in Iraq fell down have found three more bodies.

Ukrainian government sends food aid to South Africa

The Ukrainian government said that the first ship carrying food aid to Africa from Ukraine since Russia began its invasion in February has left the country's Black Sea port

Last month recorded as the “hottest July in history” says UN Weather Bureau

According to the United Nations' weather bureau, last month (July) was one of the three hottest Julys ever recorded in history.
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Mexico strengthens ban on smoking in public places

By making it illegal to smoke in public places, Mexico has created one of the world's strictest laws against tobacco use.
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