Sunday, December 3, 2023


Hostages Freed: Israeli-American girl, Avigail Idan, among released

In a heart-wrenching turn of events that unfolded on Sunday, the 17 hostages, including four-year-old Avigail Idan, were released by Hamas in southern Israel. The incident, stemming from Hamas' October 7 attack, involved the tragic loss of Avigail's parents, who...

Israel receives list of hostages slate for release by Hamas

Israel has received a list of hostages slated for release by Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict between the two sides. This comes on the heels of the release of 24 hostages...

Israeli Mother Takes Stand for Hostage Release as Government Weighs Crucial Deal

With a face marked by 47 days of tense anticipation, Hadas Kalderon took a stand on a main street in Tel Aviv near Israel’s military headquarters.

Netanyahu Declares Indefinite Israeli Security Control Over Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared in an exclusive interview with ABC network on Monday.

Global Protests Demand Gaza Ceasefire and Hostages’ Release

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, families of hostages taken by Hamas in attacks on October 7 gathered in front of the Kirya. People gathered outside the government's military headquarters in Tel Aviv, demanding swift action for...

Israel Announces Closure of ‘Pro-Hamas’ Network Al Jazeera Operated by Qatar

Qatar's state-owned media outlet, Al Jazeera, is under intense scrutiny for its alleged support of the Hamas terrorist movement in the ongoing conflict with Israel.

Israeli man’s attempt to sacrifice sheep at Temple Mount starts religious brawl

In a dramatic incident near Jerusalem's Old City, an Israeli citizen associated with the Chozrim L'Har movement was arrested on Sunday morning.

If elected Claudia Sheinbaum will be Mexico’s first female, Jewish President

As Mexico gears up for its 2024 presidential election, the nation is on the cusp of making history in more ways than one. Claudia Sheinbaum, the former mayor of Mexico City, is emerging as a frontrunner in the race,...

Earthquake in Morocco kills over 600, hundreds missing

In a devastating turn of events, central Morocco was shaken to its core as a powerful earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale struck the region

Rambam Delegation Seeks Medical and Scientific Collaborations in Brazil

A prestigious three-person delegation comprising renowned physicians and scientists from the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel.
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Tragic Developments in Gaza: Six More Hostages Confirmed Dead, Hamas Still Holds 136

In a grim turn of events, the Israeli army has officially confirmed the deaths of six more hostages in...
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