Sunday, January 24, 2021


Palestine accuses Israel of shirking duty to supply Vaccines

The Palestinian Authority said it expects to receive its first COVID-19 vaccine dose in March with drugmaker AstraZeneca and accused Israel of ensuring that vaccines are available in the occupied area for duty.

Pfizer vaccine deal only includes publicly available data: Health Officials

A health official reacted to an agreement with Pfizer on Friday that would allow all Israeli citizens over the age of 16 to vaccinate by the end of March

Israel witnessing worse democracy threat than US, says former Justice Minister

Citing the recent storm at the US Capitol by right-wing activists, former Israeli Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn said on Friday that the events proved that democracy was "fragile" and warned that Israel's democracy was in a more precarious position than the US Was.

Israel PM warns new US administration against rejoining nuke deal with Iran

On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised US President Donald Trump's administration for Middle East policies, as the US leader faced widespread criticism at home after hundreds of his supporters stormed the Capitol building a day earlier.

Pfizer, Israel in a deal to expedite more vaccine deliveries

Israel agreed to an agreement with Pfizer Inc. to expedite delivery of its Covid-19 vaccine so that citizens aging more than 16 could be vaccinated by the end of March to exchange comprehensive data on the vaccination program.

Israel tests MRSAM air defense system with India

Sarel Aerospace Industries and the Defense Research and Development Organization of India's Government successfully tested the medium-range surface-to-air missile system MRSAM.

How Israel ruled political prospects in 2020

In Israel's diplomatic declarations, the year 2020 will likely be recalled as a watershed time

Why Covid-19 vaccine in Israel is being criticized as “Quick Response”

As 2020 drew to a close, Israel went ahead with its ambitious inoculation drive, overtaking many Western nations, even preferring the United Kingdom, which had begun the process weeks before.

Explained: Israel a world leader in COVID-19 Vaccination

More than 10% of Israel's people have received its first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, a rate that has overtaken the rest of the world

Tel Aviv mayor proved what is wrong with Israel’s left parties

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Haldai announcing the launch of his Hasraelim party, there are no fewer than six parties competing for the votes of centrist and leftist Israel.
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Israel aggression confronted by Syrian air defenses in Hama

State media said Syrian airstrikes faced an "Israeli aggression" on Friday in Hama as reported by state media after enormous sounds of missiles.
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5-minutes charge battery developed by Israel’s StoreDot

Israeli company StoreDot announced on Tuesday that it managed to develop the world's first car battery that can be fully charged in just five minutes as a landmark achievement in the electric vehicle industry.

Israel, India funding Pakistan? Explained

Every political and non-political institution in Pakistan accuses its adversary of being funded by India and Israel.

How UK got its ‘Vaccine’ strategy wrong

Israel's top coronavirus drug has claimed that Pfizer's first dose of the Covid vaccine is less effective than it was.

Israel shares medical data with Pfizer to maintain delivery of ‘Vaccine’

After moving into the race to vaccinate its population against coronaviruses, Israel has struck a deal with Pfizer, in exchange for its continued influx of hard-to-obtain vaccines, with the international drug giant providing vast amounts of medical data, the troop promises to share.