COVID-19 Tracking: Apple shares more information about the app

In the pandemic which humankind is facing right now, the two giants trying to fight with it in their way. The two companies Apple and Google, are currently developing a COVID-19 tracking system for you all. The application will help give you information about COVID-19, and it will work via Bluetooth.

But there is always a range of limitations in the Bluetooth tracking apps. To minimize that and to reduce the chance of getting false alarms, both the companies are working day and night now. The main aim of the app is to show you whether you came in contact with any COVID-19 patient or not.

In the new update from Apple, it says that the app is now going to integrate to an operational level. For using the app, you all need to go for the API and then it will start to send and receive all the information via BT. There are some use4rs who all don’t have got any healthcare app in the smartphone at the time. So, for all of them, it will provide 14 days of events after you install the app on the phone.

The launch date of the app is still not announce as the app is under development.

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