Are files getting deleted from PC? Windows 10 recent update bug do it

Recently Microsoft has given a big update for all Windows 10 users. In that update, the main aim is to fix many security and bug issues from the previous update. But now it seems that this update is creating more problem than previous issues.

After some users updated with the latest update, now they are facing a different issue. It is seen that many files are getting deleted or removed from the original location without any permission. All these things are happening after they all updated the windows with the latest update.  The new update was released on 14th April 2020.

As all are doing work from home, and now with such a faulty update with major issues, all users are getting irritated.  There are many users who all are very upset with the update as their work file is getting deleted automatically. All the data, documents, and pictures are getting removed.

It is a serious concern amid this lockdown scenario, and now the reports of such cases are rising each day.  Apart from that all, there are other issues like the dead of the screen too occurring. There is no comment from Microsoft about it.

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