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Women are animals with rights, says Israel Prime Minister

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Noah Fisher
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In a significant blunder, Prime Minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu provoked controversy on Monday when he attributed to women as “animals with rights”.

The episode happened on Monday when the PM had been giving a speech while an event to commemorate the occasion of ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’.

“Women don’t belong to you; women are not an animal you can hit,” he stated.

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While it appears Netanyahu’s purposes were not wrong that he admittedly desired to talk regarding halting violence against women, he appeared to go off on a tangent regarding animal rights. He ended up comparing women to “animals”.

“A woman isn’t an animal you can beat, and now we say we don’t hit animals. We have kindness for animals; women are animals, children are animals, with rights,” the Israeli leader said.

Brutality against women is a significant problem for women crosswise the earth and the coronavirus pandemic has reached to a dense spike in events across the globe. At such a moment, Netanyahu’s The remarks are getting him criticism on social media following a clip of his talk went viral. Many alleged that comments amounted to flat misogyny as they compared domestic violence to animal exploitation.

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However, The surprising amount of animal cruelty incidents reported every day is just the peak of the iceberg—most events are never reported. Unlike brutal crimes upon people, cases of animal exploitation are not collected by state or federal bureaus, making it challenging to determine just how prevalent they are. However, we can use the data that is ready to try to learn and counter cases of abuse.

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