Monday, September 27, 2021

Morocco’s Islamist group denounces “Normalizing” ties with Israel

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Morocco: Morocco’s decision to normalize ties with Israel is now under fire after the prime Islamist group in Morocco denounced Rabat’s plan, which was brokered by the United States of America.

Religious body of the co-ruling political fronts PJD and the Unity and Reform Movement (MUR) said in a joint statement that the action was “deplorable and denounced “all efforts at normalisation and the Zionist infiltration.” The Islamist PJD party was further nuanced, defending King Mohammed VI’s actions backing for the Palestinian matter while reemphasising the party’s “firm stand fronting the Zionist occupation.”

Unlike its government coalition allies who supported the deal, it took the PJD two days to respond after differences emerged within the party’s senior leadership, according to the close source of the party.

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A core component of the agreement brokered by President Donald Trump was US acceptance of Morocco’s appeal to sovereignty over Western Sahara. A decades-old territorial conflict has pitted Morocco versus the Algeria-backed Polisario Front, which attempts to set an independent country.

“The United States claimed an essential proclamation that emphasises Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern regions and uncovers new horizons for establishing Morocco’s position in international spheres. It also further confines the adversaries of our territorial integrity,” the Islamist party stated in a declaration.

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King Mohammed VI has the last say above major diplomatic declarations. On Friday, Morocco’s banished Adl Wal Ihssane, one of the biggest opposition groups in the nation, said normalisation trades a “stab from the rear to the Palestinian matter.”

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