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Bangladesh PM: All fought for country’s freedom, will not allow partition on basis of religion

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Bangladesh: On 16 December 1971, India defeated Pakistan in the war and a new country Bangladesh was created. In this war, the citizens of Bangladesh had to suffer the pangs of the Pakistani Army. These wounds are still fresh in the hearts of the people there.

Recalling those days, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Tuesday, “it was a very difficult and frightening period. We will not allow the country to be divided on the basis of religion.”

Hasina gave a direct warning to the radical and anti-freedom people. Said- Hindus, Muslims, Buddha and Christians all fought together for the freedom of Bangladesh. Now we cannot allow the country to be divided on the basis of religion. The country is now moving towards development and prosperity. We have to maintain communal harmony. Without it, it is impossible to walk on the path of development. Today the 50th anniversary of independence is being celebrated in Bangladesh.

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Fanaticism is not tolerated in the name of religion

In a message to the country, Sheikh Hasina said that she would never let bigotry and anarchy spread in the name of religion. “We all have to think about how to maintain the level of religious values ​​and raise this country on the path of development.” She added that the people of Bangladesh are excellent and pure. In this country, everyone is allowed to follow their religion. There is no permission for bigotry here. The 165 million people of the country want to live in peace and communal harmony.

Remember the martyrs

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In an 18-minute address, Hasina continued, “This is the day when we should remember our martyrs. He made countless sacrifices for the independence of the country. We have to stay away from religious discrimination or bigotry. The youth also have to understand how valuable this freedom is. It has to be saved. We cannot bear the insult of our country and its flag.”

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