Saturday, November 27, 2021

Make him or break him, Joe Biden has his own choice

He could grow up and rely on the Senate Democrats to pass a $ 1.9 billion pandemic stimulus package, or he could adopt a cheaper and less effective package that could attract some Republican votes.

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US: President Biden has a choice that can make or break his presidency.

He could grow up and rely on the Senate Democrats to pass a $ 1.9 billion pandemic stimulus package, or he could adopt a cheaper and less effective package that could attract some Republican votes. Praying must be bold and big to rebuild America.

The United States has significant problems that require challenging solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic killed nearly half a million Americans and brought millions more grief and suffering.

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The vaccinations will hopefully restore public health, but the vaccination will take months. The pandemic’s devastation shattered the economy, requiring a significant financial injection from the federal government to recover.

Last month, only 49,000 jobs were added to the economy, and a recent analysis indicated that 4 million Americans are unemployed for six months or more. A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reveals that Americans owe $ 53 billion in rents, utilities, and late fees.

This is the United States after four years of hand-to-hand partisan conflict under President Trump.

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But duality must be redefined in this era of political disagreement and division. There are three powers in American politics, and Biden has the potential to move forward with two of them, something Trump would not do and could not do.

There is little opportunity for partisan consensus in this catastrophic political climate when People’s Republics and Congress Republicans tend to oppose the Democrats and the Democratic president. At the moment, it is improbable that Biden can do anything to create a ‘tripartite’ consensus that will please Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

We may not get duality between Democrats and Republicans, but there is a real chance between Democrats and Independents. This is a big deal for Biden after Trump relied almost exclusively on his political base of conservative Republicans.

To succeed as president, Biden must repeat the formula that drove him into the White House. His winning secret sauce in 2020 was overwhelming support and turnout by Democrats and a strong display of independents. Biden won some Republican votes last year, but it is unlikely he will get much help from GOP partisans or Congress members during his presidency.

A quarter of the people who voted in 2020 identified themselves as an independent. Election polls suggest Biden has a 13 percent lead among them, the most robust performance with non-aligned voters since Republican George W. Bush beat Democrat Michael Dukakis in 1988. College battlefields of Wisconsin (14 percent), Arizona (11 percent), and in Michigan and Pennsylvania (8 percent).

An effective way to build dual public support for strong comprehensive stimulus legislation is to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. Most Republicans are against the idea, but a large number of Democrats and independents support the proposal.

In the last resort, voters will judge Biden more based on results than rhetoric. To destroy the pandemic and fix the economy, Biden must grow. If it means Republicans are alienated to get the country back on its feet, he must be willing to accept the risk.

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