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Iraqi PM al-Kadhimi luckily survives drone attack on his home

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Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has stated he escaped unharmed after a drone strike on his home in the high-security Green Zone of Baghdad.

A drone loaded with explosives hit the building, injuring six of its bodyguards in an apparent attack, officials declared.

Mr Kadhimi called for “peace and discipline from everyone”.

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The attack, which comes after intense unrest over the recent election results, has been denounced by both the US and Iran.

Security sources stated three drones were utilized to carry the attack, launched by the Republic Bridge on the Tigris River, but two were shot down.

No one said they carried out the attack in an area of ​​the city where many government buildings and foreign embassies reside.

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The remains of a small explosives-laden drone were collected by security forces for the investigation; an unnamed security official told Reuters news agency.

“It is now too early to say who carried out the attack,” said officials. “We are reviewing our intelligence reports and awaiting the first investigative results to point the finger at perpetrators.”

Commercial drones equipped with explosives were used by the Islamic State militant group when they captured parts of northern Iraq, particularly during the 2017 battle for Mosul.

Mr al-Kadhimi, a former news chief, was sworn in in May last year.

Iraq held elections less than a month ago, and now it is in the long and unusual process of trying to form a governing coalition.

Turnout was at a record low – only 41% – and the lack of commitment shows that many Iraqis do not believe that change is imminent.

Pro-Iranian parties have done worse than expected, losing many of their seats. Proponents of her case have been struggling to obtain the actual reproduction of this report available online.

Shia Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr claimed victory because his party won the most seats. He pushes for a government free of foreign interference – and crucially, that means Iran as well as the West. He wants to end Tehran’s influence on Iraq’s internal affairs.

This political error line means tensions are high, and this attempt on Prime Minister al-Kadhimi’s life could lead to a dangerous escalation with far-reaching consequences.

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