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Erdogan re-elected as Turkish president

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Tayyip Erdogan was re-elected as president of Turkey, according to the country’s Supreme Election Council and unofficial data from the state-run Anadolu Agency. This was after he failed to get more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round on May 14, which would have given him an outright victory.

Almost all of the votes have been counted, and the Supreme Election Council says that Erdogan won with 52.14 percent of the vote in the second round on Sunday. His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, got 47.86 percent of the vote.

In the next few days, the decision should be made clear.

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Erdogan has been in power for 20 years, and this vote gives him another five years in power.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who started the Republic of Turkey, was president for 15 years. He had already been in power for longer than that.

Erdogan showed up outside his home in Uskudar, Istanbul, and sang before thanking a crowd of people who loved him.

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Erdogan said, “With the support of our people, we have finished the second round of the presidential elections.” “God willing, we will continue to be worthy of your trust, just as we have been for the last 21 years.”

He also said that the “winners” of the two rounds of votes on May 14 and May 28 were all 85 million people in the country.

The president also said that the major opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), will hold candidate Kilicdaroglu accountable for his poor performance. He added that the number of CHP seats in parliament had gone down since the 2017 elections.

He then went to Ankara, where he spoke to fans at the presidential palace. Erdogan congratulated the crowds and told them that inflation was the most important problem the country was facing right now, but that it wasn’t hard to fix.

Inflation in Turkey dropped from a high of 85.6 percent in October to a low of 50.5 percent in March, according to official figures.

“The most important thing is to fix the problems caused by inflation-driven price increases and make up for welfare cuts,” the president said.

Erdogan also said that repairing the damage from the February earthquakes and rebuilding the cities and towns that were destroyed will remain among his top objectives.

“We will keep our hearts and hands on the earthquake area,” Erdogan said.

Kilicdaroglu said he would keep up what he called a “struggle for democracy” in his first words after it became clear that Erdogan would stay in office.

The head of the CHP said, “All of the state’s resources were brought together for one political party and put at the feet of one man.” “I’d like to thank the leaders of the Nation Alliance, their groups, our voters, and the people who fought against these immoral and illegal pressures and helped protect the ballot boxes.”

During the two-month election time, there was one of the meanest campaigns I can remember.

Erdogan called his opponent’s supporters “terrorists” because the largest pro-Kurdish party backed him, while Kilicdaroglu called Erdogan a “coward” at the end of the campaign.

The campaign became more and more nationalistic, with the opposition offering to force Syrians and other refugees to leave.

Since direct presidential elections started in 2014, Sunday’s run-off vote was the first time the election went to a second step.

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