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UK visa requirement for St Lucia linked to shady operations of Globe Detective Agency

Globe Detective Agency's questionable due diligence practices might lead to the UK imposing visa requirements on St Lucia, raising security concerns and scrutiny.

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In a significant development that has ripples across the Caribbean, UK authorities are said to be considering imposing visa requirements on holders of St Lucia’s passport. This move follows growing security concerns of the UK, primarily linked to the ongoing relationship between St Lucia and the India-based firm, Globe Detective Agency.

Despite the international blacklisting of this agency, St Lucia has continued to utilise their services, a decision that could now potentially impact the ease of travel for its citizens to the UK.

Sources within the unit have raised allegations that Globe Detective Agency has not been performing rigorous due diligence checks on applicants, an integral aspect of their partnership with St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

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Globe Detective Agency being official due diligence firm of St Lucia CIP programme. Screenshot of official website.
Globe Detective Agency being the official due diligence firm of the St Lucia CIP programme. Screenshot of the official website.

It appears that the agency has been rather lax, reportedly clearing numerous individuals for citizenship who have previously had their visas denied by the UK government. This apparent negligence potentially opens the door to individuals who could pose a security risk, effectively undermining the intended safeguards of the CIP.

The gravity of this issue lies not only in the potential threats to UK security but also in the damage to St Lucia’s reputation within the international community. By continuing to employ a blacklisted firm, St Lucia raises doubts about the legitimacy and integrity of their CIP.

This could lead to wider-reaching repercussions, such as additional countries revising their visa policies for St Lucian passport holders, further restricting global travel for its citizens. The alleged failures of Globe Detective Agency to fulfil its due diligence obligations effectively threatens the ease of international mobility that the CIP is intended to provide.

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The controversy surrounding the Globe Detective Agency extends beyond St Lucia, reaching into several Caribbean nations, all of which utilise the agency’s due diligence services for their Citizenship by Investment Programmes.

The company, which touts itself as a pioneer and leader in investigations, curiously maintains a physical presence only in India. Furthermore, there are growing concerns that the agency lacks the crucial expertise typically required of third-party due diligence providers, potentially compromising the rigour and effectiveness of its investigations.

The Daily Research Editor had previously raised an alarm over Antigua and Barbuda’s relationship with the agency, particularly in relation to the Citizenship by Investment application of infamous Indian fraudster Mehul Choksi, involved in a staggering US $1.5 billion scam. Despite these red flags, no official investigation has been initiated by the government, leaving key questions about the due diligence process unanswered.

Suspicions are mounting that the agency officials may have well-established connections with the individuals seeking their services. Such controversies not only cast a long shadow over the agency’s practices but also threaten to undermine trust in the Citizenship by Investment Programmes of these nations. This situation could prompt more stringent immigration policies and increased scrutiny by international stakeholders.

Investigations into the Globe Detective Agency have revealed that its operations are primarily handled by just three men – Sachit Kumar, Puneet Kumar, and, most recently, Gautam Kumar, who replaced Vivek Kumar. All three share the same family name, suggesting a close-knit operation.

Despite this seemingly limited structure, the company purports to provide extensive due diligence services to the Caribbean and vet applicants globally. The company openly prides itself on being “strictly Indian,” which raises fundamental questions about their ability to adequately perform their proclaimed duties. It remains unclear how an India-centric firm, with such a lean team, is able to effectively conduct intricate, international due diligence checks, an issue that is now drawing increasing scrutiny.

In an unfolding saga of security concerns, investigations have further disclosed that the Globe Detective Agency’s services extend to Dominica, another Caribbean nation that has recently been removed from the UK visa-free travel list.

These developments have triggered heightened security apprehensions, with the agency’s role in the Citizenship by Investment Programme coming under sharp focus. It is strongly suspected that the lack in thorough due diligence practices of the Globe Detective Agency may have contributed significantly to Dominica’s newly imposed visa requirement status with the UK. As more details continue to emerge, the potential implications for other countries relying on the agency’s services become increasingly concerning.


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