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PassportCard and Magnus International Rescue Israeli Travelers from Ethiopian Conflict Zone

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In response to escalating hostilities between the Ethiopian army and the local FANO militia in the Amhara province of Ethiopia, PassportCard insurance company and Magnus International Search & Rescue have successfully carried out a rescue operation to evacuate Israeli travelers from the conflict zone.

Last week, clashes erupted in various cities and villages across the Amhara region, including Gondar, Debra Tabor, and Lalibela. In light of this escalating violence, intelligence was gathered and combat zones were mapped in recent days. With the coordination of local government officials, the rescue mission was executed on Monday morning. The Israeli consulate in Addis Ababa and the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry were both briefed on the operation.

The operation’s success was evident as 13 Israelis and seven foreign citizens were safely evacuated from the city of Dabarak to the city of Shire in the Tigray Region. From Shire, they are scheduled to continue their journey to Addis Ababa under the escort of the rescue team.

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The current situation in Ethiopia remains precarious, with additional centers housing Israeli citizens. Continuous monitoring of the volatile region is ongoing, as the teams evaluate the feasibility of future rescue operations or provide recommendations for secure locations, mitigating risks of violent confrontations on the roads.

Aliyah and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer emphasized Israel’s keen interest in the unfolding state of emergency in Ethiopia, particularly concerning conflicts in the Amhara region. Notably, the city of Gondar houses a Jewish community awaiting immigration to Israel, heightening Israel’s concern for their safety.

Reflecting on recent incidents, an Israeli citizen was kidnapped in Ethiopia last month, initially believed to be a false alarm. A subsequent report confirmed the veracity of the kidnapping, clarifying that the Israeli, a septuagenarian, had been released, departed Ethiopia, and safely returned to Israel.

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As regional tensions persist, PassportCard and Magnus International’s joint efforts underscore the commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Israeli travelers in crisis areas across the globe.

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