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Jerusalem Afterschool Workers Strike Over Unresolved Compensation and Working Conditions

The grounds for the strike, according to the union's statement, revolve around the Jerusalem municipality's alleged reluctance to engage in discussions concerning the improvement of working conditions and compensation for its afterschool workforce

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In a bid to draw attention to what they perceive as unjust treatment, approximately 900 workers engaged in Jerusalem’s city-funded afternoon daycare programs have initiated a strike today and tomorrow, with further industrial action slated for April 30, as announced by the Union of Afterschool Workers.

The grounds for the strike, according to the union’s statement, revolve around the Jerusalem municipality’s alleged reluctance to engage in discussions concerning the improvement of working conditions and compensation for its afterschool workforce.

Despite their indispensable roles, workers claim their salaries have stagnated since 2018, leaving them earning, on average, 25 per cent less than their counterparts in morning kindergartens.

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Moreover, the union asserts concerns regarding proposed administrative changes to the program, fearing potential ramifications on their working conditions, which the municipality has failed to alleviate.

Responding to these grievances, the Jerusalem municipality issued a statement characterizing the strike as “unjustified and completely unnecessary.” The municipality claims to have extended comprehensive proposals to the union, only to see them rebuffed.

The municipality’s statement highlights a key point of contention: the determination of afterschool aides’ salaries by the Education Ministry at the onset of each academic year. Additionally, it clarifies that in most instances, these aides are not directly employed by the city.

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In Israel’s educational landscape, kindergartens typically conclude their activities by early afternoon, following which the optional afternoon daycare program assumes responsibility for the children until the end of the working day.

This strike underscores broader issues surrounding labour relations and compensation within the education sector, shedding light on the disparities faced by afterschool workers despite their vital contributions to the community.

The standoff between the Jerusalem municipality and the Union of Afterschool Workers not only disrupts the daily routine of families reliant on these programs but also underscores the urgent need for meaningful dialogue and resolution.

Efforts to reach a consensus are imperative to ensure the well-being of both the workforce and the children they care for. As negotiations remain deadlocked, the impasse threatens to prolong, exacerbating tensions and underscoring the necessity for equitable solutions.

Amidst the standoff, parents, educators, and concerned citizens are left hoping for a swift and amicable resolution that honours the dedication and commitment of Jerusalem’s afterschool workforce while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved.


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