Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Noah Fisher

Russian Air Strikes on Idlib Market Kill Nine Civilians and Injure Dozens

In a tragic incident, at least nine civilians were killed and over 34 others wounded when Russian warplanes conducted a series of air strikes on Idlib in northwestern Syria. The attacks, which occurred on Sunday, targeted a crowded vegetable...

Beloved Jerusalem Post-High School Seminary closes after 17 years

Jerusalem's Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut, affectionately known as EVO, has closed its doors after 17 years.

Herzliya residents befuddled by large explosion with unknown cause

On Thursday evening, residents of Herzliya, the central city, were bewildered by a large and mysterious explosion that shook the area and caught the attention of authorities.

Biden’s Dictator Remark on Xi Jinping Sparks Controversy

US President Joe Biden recently made headlines with his remarks about Chinese President Xi Jinping during a fundraising event in California.

Controversy erupts as Ryanair refers to Tel Aviv as ‘Occupied Palestine’ on flight

An incident on a Ryanair flight to Tel Aviv has sparked controversy after a stewardess repeatedly referred to the destination as "occupied Palestine."

Russia Deploys First Batch of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus, Confirms Vladimir Putin

In a significant development, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that a first batch of tactical nuclear weapons has been stationed in Belarus.

Headline: Unrest in Lebanon as Protesters Target Banks, Demanding Return of Funds

Protesters in Lebanon took to the streets on Thursday, expressing their frustration and anger by attacking bank buildings, setting tires ablaze, and smashing windows.

Iran: Women might get their cars confiscated upon failure of wearing hijab while driving

The Iran government has passed another controversial law, that prohibits women from driving cars without a "Hijab". This which has been the subject of ongoing protests around the nation. In April, national police head Ahmad Reza Radan announced the start...

Palestinian President to visit China

After Beijing indicated its willingness to assist in facilitating Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will.

US Secretary of State meets Saudi Crown Prince

As part of a diplomatic mission to normalise ties between Washington and the oil-rich kingdom following years of deteriorating disagreements

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