Friday, July 1, 2022

Noah Fisher

Forces kill Palestinian in Nablus as raids continue

After a series of strikes inside Israel provoked five days of army raids in the unlawfully occupied West Bank, Israeli troops killed a Palestinian in the city of Nablus. "During the onslaught on the city of Nablus, the young man,...

Two Palestinian woman killed at the West Bank

Two Palestinian women were killed by soldiers in separate instances in the occupied West Bank. The troops shot a Palestinian woman near Bethlehem on Sunday.

Cities across Iran submerged under a thick layer of pollution, smoke

Cities across Iran, including the capital, Tehran, have been blanketed in heavy layers of dust and pollution brought in by strong west-bound winds.

Kosovo, Bosnia call for NATO membership as war inflames in Ukraine

As Russia's influence expands in the Western Balkans and a conflict rages in Ukraine, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina's authorities have stated that joining NATO will help to maintain regional stability. Fears have been growing that the situation will expand...

Gulf countries hold Yemen talks despite boycott by the Houthis

The Houthi rebels in Yemen are boycotting a Gulf Arab meeting on the war in Yemen on Tuesday because it would be held in Saudi Arabia, their foe in the horrific struggle.

Qatar: Hotel WiFi across MENA compromised and exposing private data

Etizaz Mohsin, a Pakistani cybersecurity researcher, was in a hotel room in Qatar when he unintentionally uncovered a technical flaw in the company's internet infrastructure, exposing the private information of hundreds of hotels and millions of visitors throughout the...

Syrian President makes historic visit to UAE

Syria's president has travelled to an Arab country for the first time since the Syrian civil war began 11 years ago.

Two killed as earthquake hits North-East Japan

Officials say a massive earthquake that struck north-east Japan killed at least two people and injured 160 others, but caused only little damage.

Pregnant woman who gave birth after Russia missile attack dies in another blast

There has been a lot of bad news about a pregnant woman and her baby who died after Russia bombed the maternity hospital where she was going to give birth

Pregnant woman injured in a attack by Russia gives birth

A pregnant woman who was badly injured in a attack by Russian forces on a hospital finally gave birth.

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Millions of Yemenis to starve as UN forced to slash food aid

Millions of Yemenis, who are already suffering from war, may no longer be able to access enough food as...
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