Monday, September 27, 2021

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UK ‘s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan to end in a few hours

Britain's evacuation effort in Afghanistan is "now for hours, not weeks," the defense secretary said.

NO US Citizen will be left behind in Afghanistan , says Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has said US troops may remain in Afghanistan beyond its withdrawal period as armed Taliban fighters kept evacuees from reaching Kabul airport. Mr Biden wants US forces out by the end of this month, but up...

Taliban asks women to come join their government

The Taliban have declared an "amnesty" over Afghanistan and called on women to join their government, trying to calm the nerves in a tense capital, which only the day before saw chaos at the airport as thousands of people...

Taliban takes over Afghanistan, people scared for life, chaos at airport, other countries start evacuating citizens

Scenes of chaos were seen at Kabul airport as hundreds of desperate Afghans, foreign diplomats, and officials tried to flee the country.

Taliban ‘s reckless behaviour forcing thousands to flee their homes

The UN has demanded that Afghanistan's neighbors close its borders as the number of civilians fleeing the Taliban storms rises.

Chinese court sentences Canadian businessman for 11 years on charges of espionage

A Chinese court has found a Canadian businessman Michael Spavor guilty of spying and sentenced him to 11 years in jail after years of detention.

Afghanistan war: Taliban continue to push ahead while refusing truce

The Taliban has refused global calls for a ceasefire in Afghanistan as they rapidlt move forward to seek new territory in the mineral-rich northern region.

Top Afghanistan Media official assassinated by Taliban

The director of Afghanistan's media and information centre was killed by Taliban militants in the capital, Kabul. The local newspaper Tolo reported.

Israel: 40% new COVID cases are vaccinated

Despite significant vaccination coverage in Israel, 40% of new infections are from people vaccinated according to Gabi Barbash, the former director general of the Ministry of Health, who fears the outbreak of the Delta variant.

Militants attacks Afghani defence minister’s house, 8 killed, family evacuated while situation remains tense

At least eight people have been killed, the first major bombing by militants in the city, during a daring attack on the house of Afghan Defense Minister Kabul.

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US House approves $1bn for Israel’s Iron Dome after row

The US House of Representatives has approved $ 1 billion in additional funding for the Israel Iron Dome rocket defence system after days of discussion encircling the push.
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