Saturday, April 1, 2023

Noah Fisher

Mexico strengthens ban on smoking in public places

By making it illegal to smoke in public places, Mexico has created one of the world's strictest laws against tobacco use.

Knife attack in Paris Gare Du Nord Train station injures 2, police kills suspect

Two people were injured, one of them seriously wounded in a knife attack a Paris’ Gare Du Nord train station. The suspect was shot dead by the police.

Ultra orthodox population growing at fastest rate in Israel: Official data

An annual statistical report released on Monday said that there are 1.28 million ultra-Orthodox people in Israel accounting for 13.5% the entire population.

China plans to suspend Covid quarantine for travellers in January

China will end traveller quarantine on January 8, according to government authorities, marking the last major change to the country's zero-Covid policy.

Massive fires at Russian shopping mall

According to reports from Russia's Ministry of Emergencies, a massive fire has swept through a large shopping complex on the outskirts of Moscow, taking the life of at least one person. Explosions could be seen on video footage taken during...

Tel Aviv no longer the most expensive city in the world

This week, New York City and Singapore were able to unseat Tel Aviv from its position as the world's most expensive city.

Loved ones crying for help as many stuck under rubble after Indonesia shook with quake

Indonesian rescue workers are racing to get to people still stuck in the rubble a day after an earthquake destroyed a town in West Java, killing dozens of people and hurting hundreds more when buildings fell down. A police spokesman...

Potential suspect of Istanbul blast arrested by Turkish police

According to government officials, Turkish police have apprehended a suspect in the bombing in central Istanbul that killed at least eight people and injured eighty-one.

Top Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti shows support by posting photo without hijab

A prominent Iranian actress has taken to Instagram to show her support for the ongoing protests against the country's administration by posting a photo of herself without a hija

Nancy Pelosi’s husband recovering after intruder beat him up at home

Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, is recovering from surgery after an intruder with a hammer beat him up at home. Mr. Pelosi, who is 82, had his skull broken...

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