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Controversy erupts as Ryanair refers to Tel Aviv as ‘Occupied Palestine’ on flight

An incident on a Ryanair flight to Tel Aviv has sparked controversy after a stewardess repeatedly referred to the destination as "occupied Palestine."

Headline: Unrest in Lebanon as Protesters Target Banks, Demanding Return of Funds

Protesters in Lebanon took to the streets on Thursday, expressing their frustration and anger by attacking bank buildings, setting tires ablaze, and smashing windows.

Palestinian President to visit China

After Beijing indicated its willingness to assist in facilitating Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will.

US Secretary of State meets Saudi Crown Prince

As part of a diplomatic mission to normalise ties between Washington and the oil-rich kingdom following years of deteriorating disagreements

Five accused of brutally murdering UN Peacekeeper in Lebanon

Five individuals have been officially charged by a military court in Lebanon with murdering an Irish UN peacekeeper in December, according to local media and news organisations. According to rules, a top judicial official said that all five of them...

Five members of Palestinian militant group killed in Lebanon blast

An explosion in Lebanon, not far from the Syrian border, claimed the lives of five members of a Palestinian terrorist group and injured a number of others.

Drone attacks at Moscow causes fury at the Kremlin

Moscow was hit by drones on Tuesday, but Russia said they were stopped. One politician said it was the worst attack on the city since World War II.

Erdogan re-elected as Turkish president

Tayyip Erdogan was re-elected as president of Turkey, according to the country's Supreme Election Council and unofficial data from the state-run Anadolu Agency.

Ukraine claims Russia planning ‘massive’ incident at nuclear site

Ukraine's defence ministry has warned that Russia is planning to fake a big incident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Pregnant woman travels four hours to reach hospital on camel in Yemen

Mona, who was 19, thought it would take her four hours to get to the hospital from her home on top of rough mountains in north-west Yemen.
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Terror Shooting Near Eli Settlement Leaves Two Israelis Dead, Terrorists Neutralized

Two Israelis lost their lives in a terror shooting attack near the Eli settlement on Thursday. The incident unfolded...
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