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Zedra leaves Heritage buildings to vagaries, vandals due to lack of maintenance

Zedra ( is holding and managing some amazing properties for such wealthy individuals; however these properties over time have been mismanaged and fallen into disrepair.

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David Noman
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London, UK: With wealthy individuals holding trophy heritage properties around the globe and their myriad of trustees and wealth managers there arises a lack of care in the upkeep and preservation of these properties.

One of the largest wealth solution companies, Zedra ( is holding and managing some amazing properties for such wealthy individuals; however these properties over time have been mismanaged and fallen into disrepair.

Historic England is one of many government agencies trying to preserve heritage properties; however, there appears to be a massive disconnect between the owners and the trustees to preserve them.

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Heritage buildings in the United Kingdom, mostly which are owned by Zedra – a Trust management company, are in dilapidated conditions due to lack of maintenance and timely upkeep.

Highly valuable buildings in the whole UK are becoming ruins as time is passing by and heritage is disappearing at an alarming rate. According to information, the UK’s leading newspaper would be carrying out a story based on the buildings which are historically valuable to the country, are owned and neglected by Zedra.

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Zedra is arguably known as one of the most popular companies offering specialist corporate services, global expansion, active wealth and also provide fund solutions with ownership of rich and varied historical structures that allow for the exploitation of such buildings as the company is too occupied with their management.

According to information, the company witnessed record growth in recent years and while offering trust ownership, the company is responsible for the upkeep of the assets under their jurisdiction.

English Heritage
English Heritage

The company has control of a considerable number of heritage buildings, including cultural properties and this rich heritage is facing significant threats from negligence, vandalism and demolition. The company, which has over 600 employees, became a big name in few years and low in management. And ultimately, it is causing a lack of focus on the properties of their clients.

The company, which operates in over 15 countries, is among the top three trust companies by size in the UK. The company provides a platform for fund solutions to high net worth individuals under which they take ownership of trust and all other things remain the same. That would not only provide a safety net from inheritance tax in the UK but also offers secure and private business opportunities. Several Israeli and UAE nationals are clients of Zedra.

Following the lack of management and expertise, several clients are disheartened by the company and are opting for a more small Trust Management Companies.

The damages to the heritage buildings are happening due to rain or other natural causes. The UK author said that buildings have not been touched or even looked upon with an intention for restoration by Zedra. Time and again, several people raise the issue, but the company has never done anything to preserve the structures. Most of the heritage properties owned and managed by Zedra are on the verge to become ruins or are already crashed to the ground.

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