Saturday, April 10, 2021

David Noman

Enabling entry in Israel, Gaza merchants to be vaccinated

An internationally led effort is planned to vaccinate thousands of traders in the Gaza Strip against coronavirus so that they can cross the border into Israel and travel to the West Bank

People of Israel celebrates freedom from virus, gather for passover

A year ago, Giordana Grego's parents spent the Passover at home in Israel, only thankful that they escaped the worst of the pandemic in Italy.

Bangladesh, a war born nation celebrates 50 years of Independence

Shafiqul Islam was studying business at Dhaka College in 1971 when a bloody and brutal war of independence plagued Bangladesh. After undergoing guerrilla training in India, he returns to fight Pakistani soldiers.

UN, EU call on Israel to halt demolition of Bedouin settlements

The United Nations and European Security Council members on Friday called on Israel to stop the demolition of Bedouin settlements in the Jordan Valley

Middle East: US Prez Joe Biden to repeat Obama’s failures

US: Every now and then, America deceives one of its allies in the Middle East. "Who lost Iran?" asked them in 1979 as the shah's rule went sideways, with the answer Jimmy Carter and the State Department. "Who lost...

Why Capitol riots should be inquired with unbiased vision

On 9/11, about 3,000 innocent people were killed, billions of dollars worth of property was wiped out, and important symbols of the US economic and military power were attacked,

Israel discovers 75% effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic is not yet in sight, while the virus continues to wreak havoc worldwide.

India, Russia relation is all America is worried about

There is an Indian problem in the United States, and it is all about Russia.

Media is lying about the deaths at the Capitol incident

We are told that five people died in the DC riot. Sometimes seven deaths are related to the riot. But here's the truth, as far as we're officially told:

Palestine seeks strong, deterrent sanctions against Israel

 Palestine today calls for the imposition of strong and deterrent sanctions against Israel over a North Jordan Valley community's demolition.

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UK mourns as Prince Philip dies in sleep at 99

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 99, Buckingham Palace said on Friday. The announcement was made on Twitter.
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Slovakia to send back Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine due to contract violations

Slovakia was told to send back its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccines "due to multiple contract violations".

Biden to resume aid to UN Palestinian refugee agency cut by Trump

The Biden government has announced plans to resume the money for the United Nations agency that supports Palestinian refugees.

Ukraine intends to fasten up joining NATO to send ‘real signal to Russia’

Ukraine's president needs to speed up the country's path to NATO membership to send a "real signal to Russia". Volodymyr Zelenskyy made the call after...

Senior Jordanian leader accuses crown prince for “malicious plot”

A senior Jordanian leader on Sunday accused the country's then crown prince of cooperating with foreign elements in a "malicious plot".