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Zambia opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has a secret daughter? Know about Chi Chi Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema, the opposition leader of Zambia, is having a secret daughter whom he has kept far away from him, as he feels that he is having a threat to his political career.

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Zambia: Hakainde Hichilema, the opposition leader of Zambia, is having a secret daughter whom he has kept far away from him, as he feels that he is having a threat to his political career. How can a person lie for his own children?

Being a national politician, a leader who leads the people to the right way,
Hichilema himself is hiding his own daughter. This clearly indicates that he is ashamed to share his past life with the people of Zambia and has been lying to them for more than 10 years by saying that he only has one daughter and two sons.

Hichilema entered politics in the year 2016. During his interview for a media house in 2006, Hichilema stated, “My wife and I have three children. A daughter Miyanda who is twelve years old. We have a son Habwela who is nine years old, and we have another son Chikonka who is six years old.”

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As per the official election campaign of 2016, the website of the UPND candidate for the president of Zambia, Hichilema, has been married to Mutinta, and they have three children — a girl and two boys.

It is truly said that the truth never hides. Miyanda is the eldest child and, so far, the only recognized daughter of Hichilema was born in the year 1995, while Chi-Chi, who is claimed to be Hichilema’s second daughter, was born soon after Miyanda.

Hichilema is her real father, but she is not the daughter of Mutinta, Hakainde Hichilema’s wife. Chi Chi grew up far away from her family, only because his father refused to accept her as her child; it is also known that she was only allowed to visit home back once in the duration of 4 years.

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Chi Chi Hichilema daughter of Hakainde Hichilema
Chi Chi Hichilema daughter of Hakainde Hichilema

In the year 2013, with the assistance of his friend, the Zambian politician sent her own daughter to study in the United States at Murray State University, following in the footprints of her elder sister, Miyanda, who was previously studying there.

Nobody would have been able to find the truth about Hilchilema unless a reporter from a small student radio station at Murray had not talked to the Hichilema sisters. This states back to the year 2015 when Chi-Chi and Miyanda were interviewed, which was broadcasted by the WKMS Radio.

Chi Chi and Miyanda were the only then two Zambian students at Murray State University. Both the girls in the interview spoke about how they ended up at the university, what they think of Murray.

Besides this, both shared about their family and their common father, in which Miyanda cited, “Our dad always tells us that education is the best equalizer. He is a businessman, a farmer, and he is an economist. He is a little bit of everything.”

Having such a beautiful and confident daughter, Hichilema did not utter a single word and accepted her daughter. Is this someone whom people of Zambia want to be their leader, who shamelessly lies about her daughter, even not realizing what she could have felt in the past years, living alone, without her family?

The citizens of Zambia are far more intelligent and can clearly see the lies.

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