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German Solidarity Fund Provides Relief to Holocaust Survivors Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

This fund, administered by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) and the Authority for Holocaust Survivors, aims to support survivors amidst the ongoing turmoil

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In a gesture of solidarity, Holocaust survivors in Israel are receiving a lifeline during the Israel-Hamas conflict, thanks to a €25-million fund established by the Solidarity for Israel Fund (SFI) from the German government.

This fund, administered by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) and the Authority for Holocaust Survivors, aims to support survivors amidst the ongoing turmoil.

The announcement, made on Tuesday morning, detailed how the fund would be distributed among 113,000 survivors recognized by the German government. Each survivor is set to receive a one-time payment of €220, intended to provide immediate financial relief during these challenging times.

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According to Claims Conference President Gideon Taylor, the initiative underscores Germany’s ongoing commitment to supporting Holocaust survivors.

“Supporting Holocaust survivors is always our number one concern,” stated Taylor. “This additional symbolic acknowledgement payment by Germany to Holocaust survivors in Israel is a message of solidarity.”

Notably, heirs are ineligible for the fund, but survivors who received assistance from the Iron Sword Fund in December remain entitled to the payment.

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The Claims Conference had already commenced the allocation process in March and planned to continue disbursing payments to eligible recipients over the coming months.

Deputy Transport Minister Uri Maklev highlighted the significance of the German government’s engagement with the Authority of Holocaust Survivors Rights in addressing survivors’ needs during the conflict.

“With the outbreak of the war, the government of Germany stood in touch with The Authority of Holocaust Survivors Rights in the Prime Minister’s Office to understand how they can assist survivors in Israel and their unique needs,” noted Maklev.

The collaboration between the Claims Conference and the German government aims to ensure that survivors receive the necessary assistance and support during this tumultuous period.

The €25-million grant is designated to provide immediate help and relief to survivors, emphasizing Germany’s solidarity with each survivor in Israel.

This initiative comes amidst escalating tensions in the region, with Israel facing heightened security threats from Hamas and other militant groups.

The conflict has resulted in widespread displacement and hardship, particularly affecting vulnerable populations such as Holocaust survivors.

As survivors grapple with the conflict’s impact, the solidarity demonstrated by the German government offers a beacon of hope and support.

Through financial assistance and collaborative efforts, the international community reaffirms its commitment to standing with Holocaust survivors and ensuring their well-being amid adversity.

The establishment of the Solidarity for Israel Fund represents a tangible expression of remembrance, recognition, and support for those who endured the horrors of the Holocaust.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict unfolds, the resilience and strength of Holocaust survivors serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring legacy of survival and perseverance.


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