Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mike Pompeo urges world to make China accountable for COVID-19

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USA: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once again blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic. Pompeo said in a statement, “There is no doubt that China spread coronavirus and then tried to cover up this conspiracy.”

Pompeo advised the countries of the world to learn from India. Said- India has an example before us. He banned other goods, including Chinese apps.

Rest of the countries come with America

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In an interview to an international TV channel, this fiery minister of the Trump Administration surrounded China. Said- “no one but China is responsible for the spread of coronavirus.” The rest of the world should support America so that together we can decide the accountability of China. “China told many lies to hide this conspiracy.”

India and Australia are excellent examples

In response to a question, Pompeo said – We are moving forward in the matter of holding China responsible. The best examples of the two countries are in front of us. The world now wants to push China back. You look at Australia. It gave the right answer to China. Look at India. It banned Chinese apps and refused to buy goods from China. “The rest of the countries should do the same now.” It is a straightforward matter. This virus is Chinese; it is a virus that originated from Wuhan. China is plotting to cover it.

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The virus spread

Pompeo continued- “China knew all about the virus. Despite this, it allowed citizens to go to other countries and travel. This caused the virus to spread. China should have alerted the world by giving information about the virus. Today millions of people have died because of it. The economy has collapsed. Now is the time that the world should hold China responsible.

Not only Pompeo, President Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden have also been attacking China with the Covid-19. Trump had clearly said that China deliberately spread the virus and planned to attack small countries under its guise.

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