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Electoral College confirms Biden as next president of US

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USA: Joe Biden of the Democratic Party will be the next President of America. Biden also won at Electoral College. In Monday’s voting, Biden received 306 votes while Trump received 232 votes. There are a total of 538 electoral votes. 

In order to attain the majority, support of 270 electors is needed. However, the Senate and House of Representatives will formally announce the victory on 6 January 2021.

After the victory was confirmed, Biden said – “I will be the President of every American.” Biden’s statement can be interpreted as a message of blacks. Before the election, the issue of racism was important in America. There was a lot of agitation regarding this.

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Voting took place on Monday

In the US, the President is elected only by electoral college voting. Electors selected from each region converge in the capital of 50 states. Here they vote. The candidate who gets 270 electoral votes becomes the President. Constitutionally, it will be announced on 6 January. On this day, at two o’clock in the afternoon (according to US time), both houses of the US Parliament will meet and the votes of the Electoral College will be counted. However, it was clear on Monday that Biden received 306 votes and Trump 232.

Different from Partition politics

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Biden tightened Trump’s policies after the victory. Said- “We will change the situation. Now, the game of partition is not going to work.” The resignation of US Attorney General William Barr also came after Biden’s victory. He is stepping down next week, and Trump confirmed it.

Most experts believe that Biden’s victory at Electoral College is a mere formality. It is because of this that Biden won in every vital state. He received around eighty million popular votes. Biden received a full 55 votes in California, the state with the most electoral college votes, called the US state of game-changer.

Victory of democracy

Biden said – “this is a victory for democracy. We are all voters and exercise our right. The time has come when we are united and change the situation. It is time to heal the wounds. I am now the President of every American citizen.

Trump will not attend Biden’s oath ceremony

Biden will take the oath of office on January 20. In America, it is called Inauguration Day. The news is that current President Donald Trump will not attend the oath ceremony. Traditionally, a president who loses an election or completes his term attends the ceremony and congratulates the new President. White House Domestic Policy Advisor Stephen Miller was asked if Trump would be part of Biden’s Inauguration Day Ceremony on January 20? Miller said no. They will not come.

Trump did not accept defeat

In America, the picture of victory and defeat is apparent through the media. After the November 3 election, it was decided that Biden would be the next President. But, Trump filed cases in several states and accused him of rigging the election. The Supreme Court twice rejected his appeal. A few days ago, he had said that if he lost in the Electoral College, he would accept that Biden would be the President for the next four years. However, even after 24 hours, he did not accept defeat and neither congratulated Biden for the victory.

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